TNT Strength & Conditioning

  • Mission Statement
  • The service that we are able to offer at Top Notch Trainers, TNT, goes well beyond just the physical development of the individual that is being trained. Our approach is one that encompasses the totality of the individual. In order to offer a service to the trainee that aids in development beyond the physical there must be a genuine care and effort by the trainer to do what is in the best interest of the trainee. This level of commitment to excellence in the development to all members is mandatory for all those on the strength training staff. Our vision is to provide a service to aid in the growth of the individual in route to reaching the heights of his or her potential. We understand that our avenue to directly positively impact our clients is through physical exercise program, and we are committed to being able to bridge the gap between our clients’ current state and desired position. Our goal is to give our clients exactly what they need in route to achieving their goals. Our trainers will be knowledgeable, self motivated, ethically sound, and passionate, while maintaining the flexibility and poise necessary to give our trainees what it is he or she needs. Our training program will not be motivated by selfish agendas, but driven by the desire to provide a superior service through our genuine approach to helping people. The physical preparation programs implemented are based upon sound physiological principles and will be specifically designed to meet the wants and needs of the individual being trained. We understand that not everyone has the same goals and vision in mind and it is our responsibility to provide you with the best opportunity possible to achieve your specific goals.

    TNT Strength & Conditioning Program Goals

      1. Injury prevention

    • Focus on areas that are at an increased risk of injury (Ex: Baseball-shoulder and elbow)
    • Maintaining symmetry about the body
    • 2. Total athletic development: Make a better all-around (multi-sport) athlete

    • Speed, Strength, Power, Agility, Aerobic Development, Flexibility, Mobility
    • 3. Prepare athlete for high school/college strength and conditioning programs

    • Educate the student/athlete on the expectations and requirements at the next level
    • 4. Education of the athlete

    • Teach technical aspect of lifting
    • Fundamental understanding of the training process
    • Progress athlete to appropriate sport-specific movements
    • 5. Teach athlete sport specific movements

    • Train movements
    • Train sport objectives (ex: Baseball-Maximum strength/Throwing Power/Acceleration Power)
    • 6. Educate athlete on proper nutrition

      7. Prepare athlete for upcoming season

    • Manage and consider stressors in programming (previous injuries, school, practice, games, etc.) to ensure appropriate work intensities and volumes
    • 8. Maintain strength throughout season

    • We train with and for a purpose: Reduce risk of injury and maximize performance
    • 9. Supplement high school/college strength and conditioning programs

      10.Comprehensive human development

    • Instill good exercise and nutrition habits
    • Increase student/ athlete’s capacity to achieve

    Please call or email to schedule a free information session for Coaches, Players & Parents. Information session will cover our strength & conditioning program in detail. Teams will receive 3 free team sessions!


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